Farrar Wilson  
Wednesday, 23 April 2014

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Tasking the Paint
Oil on Canvas "When Farrar Wilson began painting over fifty years ago, he discovered three basic things. First, that paint itself held wonderful secrets which only the task of painting would reveal. Secondly, that one's own feelings and perceptions would meld and appear only if one become deeply engaged in the task of painting. And thirdly, that the push and pull of the painting task - a la Hans Hoffmaris vaunted precept - was the choreography to which his paintings would dance." 
by Frederick Spratt

My painting is concerned with process, relationships, search and discovery. I like the painting to lead me. This involves choreographing the elements within the plastic space. I do something and it calls for something else.

There is positioning, shifting, distributing, grouping, joining, severing and violating in an attempt to achieve a tenuous détente between opposing forces.

I know I’m always going to find certain constants in the work and I also attempt to introduce non-characteristic and incongruous elements to be integrated or painted out. This keeps me off-balance and moving at the same time. It’s something like going for a hike. There may be a trail with a known destination, but if one ventures off the beaten path, there’s the possibility of seeing something new and arriving at another place. 
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